Not THE Alton, but AN Alton.

Alton is the Sixth Professor's first Companion. Alton is a patient of a mental institution who escaped during the Cybermen invasion that brought about the Fifth Professor's regeneration.

Alton only spoke through the use of his sock puppet, Lord Flankenhausen the Third, a Scottish diplomat. Together they formed an alliance against an evil anthropomorphized donkey named Mr. Schmidt. The Adjunct Professor and Alton defeated Mr. Schmidt using Lord Flankenhausen the Third's hypnotic delivery of Wordsworth poems and the Adjunct Professor's ability to throw things.

Alton's Future with the ProfessorEdit

The Adjunct Professor offers Alton and Lord Flankenhausen the Third to travel along in the TORTAS. Alton agrees, and Lord Flankenhausen the Third reluctantly agrees after a few minor complaints, but before they make it to the TORTAS, Alton and Lord Flankenhausen the Third are carted away by workers at the mental institution who were sent out to find them. The Adjunct Professor vows to save both of them, but then figures it really isn't worth her time and leaves in the TORTAS.

It is unknown whether or not the Adjunct Professor will return for Alton and Lord Flankenhausen the Third, or if the Professor even remembers them.

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