Jafar, scheming over zoo animals.

Jafar is the resident bad guy of the Disney film Aladdin, but appeared in an episode of "Adjunct Professor What?" along with his cohort, Iago.

Jafar (and Iago) entered the Zoo Planet to drain the planet of its energy and to use the energy to become an all powerful being. Unfortunately, the power drain threw the planet into a time loop which repeated in on itself until the Third Professor and his street rat cohort Adam were able to reverse it with a sonic blast.

One oversight in this episode is distinct lack of use of the location, especially since the location is mentioned in the episode's title. In fact, Jafar's episode is so far removed from its location of the Zoo Planet, that it is only sort of identified in the episode's final line.

JAFAR: And all the animals are back in their cages. ("Groundhog's Day on Zoo Planet")

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