The Daleks are a mutated race of Kaleds from the planet Skaro. The Daleks are directly and lovingly lifted from the BBC show "Doctor Who" for the spin-off "Adjunct Professor What?"

Daleks have a claw like whisk on one side and a pokey plunger on the other.


In "Adjunct Professor What?" the Daleks have become less of a Nazi-like race of extremist aliens and more of a public nuisance. Daleks are eager to take over the Earth for more Dalek production, like in the episode "A Bucket, A Sandwich, and a Handful of Daleks", where it was specifically stated that that was their intention.

Such tactics the Daleks have been known to employ for the takeover of Earth are installing a giant Christmas tree full of explosives ("O Dalek Tree"), using the Grand Canyon as a missile silo which subsequently killed all donkeys on the Grand Canyon Mule Tours ("Daleks in the Grand Canyon! Daleks in the Grand Canyon!"), and creating a hip flash mob that murders while dancing to Men Without Hats "Safety Dance" ("Daleks in the Street").

Destructive MethodsEdit

Though Daleks in the Doctor Who universe have an outer protective shell that is near indestructible, along with an invisible protective barrier outside of that, Daleks on "Adjunct Professor What" have often proved destructible.

In "Daleks in the Grand Canyon! Daleks in the Grand Canyon!" it was first revealed that Daleks were subject to simple logical flaws. Present a Dalek with a mistake or flaw in their argument and the Dalek will self-destruct. Once a Dalek has made a mistake then it is no longer supreme and an immediate self-destruct mechanism will engage and the Dalek will explode.

In "A Few Good Daleks", the Sixth Professor and her Companion, Tony, smashed broken chunks of sidewalk over Daleks and destroyed the robot/tank like shell in an incredibly violent manner.

Daleks and the ProfessorEdit

Daleks view the Professor as a lesser threat than the Doctor and treat him as such.

The Professor has challenged and played the Daleks on a bowling match ("A Strike, a Spare, and a Dalek"), a game of Go Fish ("A Pair of Daleks"), and Cricket ("The Professor's Rules"). Bowling ended in a tie, the Professor won at Go Fish, and Cricket barely began as the Daleks were not able to properly comprehend the rules of the game and promptly self-destructed.

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