Weeping angel

A Weeping Angel, right before it kills you and murders your face.

Weeping Angels come from the universe of Doctor Who. In "Adjunct Professor What?" Weeping Angels are the best at staring contests. And murder.

The First Professor's Companion Adam described the Weeping Angels as "the opposite of Medusa".

Hiding PlacesEdit

Weeping Angels like to hide in caves and museums. They have also been found in a broken down carnival ride devouring victims led astray by the evil Carnival Barker. ("Merry Go-Death") In the episode "Cruise Control", Weeping Angels took over a Norwegian bound cruise ship and sucked the energy and life from lonely shuffleboard players.

Destructive MethodsEdit

The usual method that the Adjunct Professor takes against the Weeping Angels is to section off the cave/museum or block the entrance and hope that no one enters the cave/musuem ever again. In "I Found a Penny!" the Fourth Professor was able to trap the Weeping Angels in a continuous time loop. In "Cruise Control", a very disgruntled Second Professor took a new tactic with the Weeping Angels.

ADJUNCT PROFESSOR: I'm going to take this broom and smash the shit out of these statues.

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